Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm interested in booking one session. Is it possible to book one-off sessions?

A: We do not currently offer individual sessions. All of our coaching is available in bundles starting with our 5-session bundle. We believe in the importance of building relationships and working with clients over time to help them realize their full potential. Our coaching model seeks to build connections with clients whom we hope to work with over the course of many years instead of working with many girls in a limited capacity. This limits our 'resume' of clients but it strengthens our work with each individual client.


Q: I am working with another coach. Can I still work with you?

A: Absolutely! We believe that collaboration can be a powerful tool for our clients. We do ask for transparency from our clients when it comes to working with other coaches. This ensures all of your coaches can be on the same page, and we can work most effectively to serve you. We also recommend that if you opt to use a team approach to your pageant prep and coaching, you allow each coach to specialize in a particular area of competition. This ensures you are getting clear and consistent messaging to set you up for success!

Q: Can I book one of these bundles for NAM / IJM Nationals coaching?

A: No. We offer a special package specifically for the I AM Pageant Powerhouse Internationals week in November. That all-inclusive package, released in July, is the *only* coaching package we offer for that competition.


Q: Do I have to pay for my coaching bundle upfront?

A: No. We are happy to offer various payment plans to help you make your pageant coaching goals a reality. By default, our Diamond Bundle is a one-time payment due ahead of your first session. Our Royal Treatment and Platinum Princess Bundles are paid quarterly. If you have concerns or requests regarding payment, please alert MT directly during the booking process. We want to accommodate your needs!


Q: Will you be at my pageant?

A: While we try to visit as many competitions as possible, we are not guaranteed to attend any pageant. We will notify you of any plans to travel to your competition and the associated fees and booking availability. Any on-location work during pageant weekend will be in addition to your coaching bundle.


Q: How many girls do you work with?

A: As a coach, MT typically limits herself to no more than 3 clients per title. While we may provide auxiliary services (such as introduction writing) to additional clients, we will not take on more than 3 coaching clients for a particular competition. In some cases, due to returning clients and wins at the state level, we may be in a position of taking on more than 3 --- in that case, all parties will be notified and given an opt-out option. This has only happened at the national level, where we have several clients from various states win a particular division that puts us in an 'overbook' situation. We strive to always be transparent in communicating these potential conflicts with you.


Q: What do coaching sessions cover?

A: Your coaching trajectory is designed to suit YOUR needs. Before our first session, I will have you complete a client intake form that will allow me to understand your needs and desired focus areas. While MT can coach all competition areas, we encourage girls interested in a dedicated focus on walking to either work with someone locally or make plans to come work in-studio in Midlothian, VA. We can accomplish a lot virtually, but clients benefit most from walking practice that is done in person.

Q: How are coaching sessions conducted?

A: We use ZOOM to coach virtually with our clients across the country and abroad. In-studio time is available for those who are wanting to make the trip to us in Midlothian, VA. You may choose to add on this in-studio time or 'cash is' your virtual session (with a one-hour minimum) towards in-person time. Please note that on-location coaching during pageants will be billed separately due to the associated travel costs. 

Q: I'm not sure what I need. Can I meet you first?

A: Absolutely! We offer complimentary new client mini sessions for all new clients to ensure we are a good fit for one another. When you submit a coaching inquiry, the first step will be scheduling this mini-session.