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Operating since 2005, Pageants 2 Go has successfully coached clients throughout the US and internationally for a variety of systems at the local, state, national, and international levels of competition, facilitating their growth both on and off the pageant stage. If you are feeling overwhelmed by how to prepare for your next pageant, aren't sure

Expert Pageant Coaching and Mentorship

how to best support your daughter on her pageant journey, or are a pageant veteran looking to further hone your skills, my services will provide the clarity, motivation, and techniques needed to do and be your best. I coach all ages, in all systems, for all areas of competition - from on-stage modeling to the behind-the-scenes interview.

Maria-Teresa Duvall

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Pageants 2 Go LLC Owner: Maria-Teresa (MT) Duvall, MEd

Pageantry has been a part of my life since 1994. In 2005, I began to turn my talents for helping other women succeed into a successful pageant consulting business. I'm a pageant veteran involved in the industry as a contestant, queen, staff member, and judge for over 25 years.

I think --- and train my clients! --- like a teacher because that is my background. In addition to teaching, I was also the founding principal of an elementary school in Washington, DC and worked in public education for nearly a decade. I apply the same pedagogy I've learned and perfected during my career working in education, coaching teachers and school leaders, to inform and guide my work with girls and women across the country who are seeking to pursue and achieve their goals. The skills I seek to impart on my clients will be utilized far beyond pageant weekend and will help you or your daughter to achieve much more than a crown and banner.

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"As a former NAM titleholder, and an outstanding role model and educator, MT is uniquely positioned to provide a very high level of service for young ladies who are preparing for a National American Miss pageant. At NAM we are thankful for all the resources that a young lady can enlist which will give her added ability and confidence. Through the years, we have heard from so very many families who sought out services from Pageants 2 Go and they have always had great reports of the services they received."

Steve Mayes | National American Miss

Founder and National Director

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